Looking for a pet-friendly rental in Ellensburg? Many times, when we’re looking for the next best place to call home, we’re thinking about the amenities that will mostly cater to our own wants and desires. We’re considering things like square footage, proximity to restaurants and nightlife, and the distance from the office. Of course, all of these are important factors to keep in mind, but we can’t forget that, when we’ve got a furry little four-legged pal coming along for the ride, we need to consider amenities that will suit their needs as well.
Thankfully, the accommodations at Greenpointe Townhomes are on point when it comes to pet owners. Our pet-friendly student housing apartments near CWU allow for pets (with a two-pet maximum per abode) and the spacious floor plans mean your little pal has plenty of space to stretch his legs while indoors, with no worry about feeling cramped and cooped up.
Just a short walk (or even shorter drive) down the street to the east is plenty of green space for both you and your pet to get some fresh air and a little exercise. But if you want your pup to really be able to let loose, about 2 ½ miles southwest is Rotary Park. The 100-acre park is home to a leash-free, fenced-in dog run; Fido will love the opportunity to interact with other animals, all while expelling any pent-up energy to help make sure you both have a quiet, restful night when you return home.
Making sure your furry friends receive the best care is easy. There are no less than five veterinarian offices within a three-mile radius of Greenpointe Townhomes, including Mt. Stuart Animal Hospital; at less than one mile directly south of the community, this is the closest option.
And of course, staying fully stocked with all the necessary pet supplies is a must. Thankfully, Ellensburg Pet Center is just a five-minute drive away. There, you’ll find food, treats, toys, and even new pets, if you’re looking to expand your fur family.
It’s time to get you and your fur friend the home he or she deserves, and that home is a pet-friendly rental in Ellensburg. More specifically, it’s with us at Greenpointe Townhomes.
To learn more about our community, or to schedule a tour, contact us today!